Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's not a put down. I put my foot down..

In the glass above, there is kool aid. And I am drinking it.
Mixed with Splenda, of course. This is because I am on a new quest
to have the bangin'ist body in all the land by next year. Sarting one
bad carb at a time. I have had no sugar/bad carbs since last Sunday.
And, so far I am ok. I am doing the Abs diet. Chris recommends it
to all his people. So I am checking it out.
So, yeah. My husband is officially a certified Personal Trainer. We got
all his stuff turned in last night. He is pumped. It means so much to
see him happy and finally doing what he is so passionate about- for a
job! It does not get any better than that. And he is working for Snap
... which is such a great company. And loving it.
So We are starting up the This is Me Journal again on Monday. Someone very cool will be visiting for a guest
challenger. That has me totally whacked out with happiness.. So if you journal
or scrapbook or both, join us for some fun.
I have an awesome show coming up this weekend... working with the fabulous super
fantastic Fabian. Which is probably like the biggest honor
ever. Working with this guy is like the high of all highs for me.
He has been a mentor to me since day 1.. and now, to think that I will
be on stage coloring hair along side him is just such an honor.
So, yeah.. I will let everyone know how that goes!
Well, I am off to rest! Have a good night.


amytangerine said...

i am sooo excited to start on the this is me journey!

Sandy said...

Yea! So excited. Glad you get to work with someone you like too. So do you live in the BR area? Just wondering, I think I asked you that already. I'm in Washington parish. My step-daughter lives in BR, she loves it. I can't wait until Monday now. :D :D :D :D

merrryheart2 said...

I miss you girl.

Congrats to your hubby. Have fun at the show.

Really hope i get to play along on Monday. Got most everything done here, but don't know what we'll be doing.

Love ya girl.