Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I *heart* ItalyHairfashion!

The haircolor company I work for is like one big happy family.
And I love them.
This is the first Italy Concept Salon, which is located
in Pennsylvania.
I had a class here in Feb and it is so beautiful and amazing.
Just being in this room with a couple of World Champion Hairdressers
changed my life. The friends I made here and the knowledge I brought
back are two things I think about each and every day!
I love Italy Hairfashion!
Just thought I would share!

Monday, July 7, 2008

All of yall get off the wall. Have a ball and get involved...

Jennifer did this little survey on her blog.
So I copied it and did it. Because I love her.
Won't you play along?
Photos of my fab trip to New Orleans coming up soon.

drinking: Metro Water. Lemon Mint. Yum.

listening to: Ella. As always talking about how bad Rigan is aggrivating us.

reading: Nothing. I know. I am boring right?

relieved about: The fact that I am finally blogging.

missing: Jen!

not digging:Ella cramming boby pins into my scalp while I am typing.

totally.thankful for: Wow! Where do I start? I will just say everyone and everything about my life right now. period.

planning: Is one thing that makes me anxious.

reliving: My childhood and creative imagination, through E!

daydreaming about: Going to the beach in a couple of weeks.

putting off: Calling Chris. You see, he is in a meeting negotiating some business with his new job and I want to talk to him sooo bad. But he would be so aggrivated if I called and it were not a life or death situation!

finally accomplished: Being financially secure.

scrappin' with: Nothing. Because I can't scrap until I get a little organization in my life.

So, there. Tag you're it!
Comment if you repost this so I can read about you!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


That's the number of people that got a modified *or sometimes exact* version of KC's haircut at my salon this week. I am crazy about that cut.
Who's watching Shear Genius? Is it just me or do these people NOT know how to cut hair? I mean for real ... then there was Parker, who made his final cut last night. I mean, WTF? A "Genius" that does not know a thing about haircolor? Come on. Where do they find these people?! And, I can just say that give me one of the Real Houswives of OC and 2 hours and someone is getting a complete makeover. 'Specially if my ass is on the line. Just sayin.
Well, we will spend the 4th at the river... which is not my fave place to be. So hopefully Maureen will 1.Take some fabulous photos to make it worth it. and 2.hit the pool with me shortly after lunch. I mean the thought of green water and snakes does not appeal to me in any form or fashion, so for me the pool is the best option... too bad no one else agrees. So, the 4th is the one time I have to cave. Plus that is where the grillin' takes place. So, as long as there is the smell of smoked meats, I will oblidge.
Happy Holidays yall!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things I think about..

I think. All the time. I have these deep thoughts that I wish I could ask someone "in the know." Because I think about things like this:
If our country is in such a crisis and the dang economy is so bad... and we should be stocking up on food and hoarding cash....
Will the sale of fireworks be down this year on the 4th? doubt it. Thus I say, chill people. It's not the end of the world. I mean, seriously... if we were all about to starve to death, would people really be so worried about buying fireworks? Would we drive the cars that we can't afford with the gas in them that we can't afford to the nearest fireworks stand *or two*?
Just curious...