Monday, June 30, 2008

And the sky was made of amethyst. And All the stars are just like little fish.

Mondays are good days.

Got to sleep late. The kid was at my mom "Mustang Sally" and Pappy's house.

Went to the bank to acutally put money in... which is nice.

Spent the afternoon in the pool with my sister, brother, neice, nephew and Mustang.

About to kick out some lemon pepper salmon and snow peas, carrots and broccoli. delish.

This Is Me is getting back started up! Check it out!

Kristy totally blogged me. She rocks so well.

AmyTan totally has me addicted to non-needle crocheting... while I am watching TV. Also check out her fabulous threads here.

Hope you had a great Monday and a short work week. xo

Here is my This is Me entry:


amytangerine said...

needle-less crocheting is sort of like therapy. you caught on very quick and i actually witnessed the lightbulb glowing bright when you did!!

Jennifer said...

i love you!
you're my soul mate.
forever and ever.
love your new journal page.
can you cook for me in november???

Angie said...

Okay i really love your tittle >>
And ur blog ..
That fridge layout is sooo cool to see what others have in their fridges...not a fetish!!
But ur products are soo different to ours in Australia

Cassie said...

I look! I totally stalk you. :)
Like a sad little puppy with its nose pressed against the window.