Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Inside Outside Come Around! Who's That? Brown!

Ok. So, I have totally sucked at the whole blogging thing. So, this time I am vowing to try to blog every day. I want to print these and make a cute journal with them .... so that is my new goal.
So, this past weekend in Nashville at SIStv weekend totally was phenomenal. I mean, seriously. I was going to video blog this, but after 14 takes and Ella and Rigan interrupting every single time, I gave up. But there are lots of things I have to say, so pop yourself some popcorn sit back and relax. This might get good. <3
First off a bit about me that has happened since the weekend.
First off, my hair is back to its original dark brown. While the photos and slideshow
were great, I did not realize that I looked like the character "Powder" from the
movie "Powder." That was bad. Real bad. So, this morning I got to work a hour
early to color my hair. It is mucho better. Also, during the pin the whatever on the
layout. I totally did not realize my pants were unzipped until after I sat down. So,
I hope everyone enjoyed the extra little peep show they got at my expense! LOL
Mad propz to JJ and KA for a totally kickass weekend. OMG it was great.
-JenniferP- I love you. For real girl. You are even better in real life. I am just sorry that we did not have more days together. And, I am totally looking forward to spending time with you in the fall when I come to the big D. And, I hope that our girls can grow up being pen pals and stuff. You are the best and I am sooo happy that I got to sit by you, room with you and everything.
Sasha- you are the funniest person in the world. I am so glad I am on team Sasha. You are hillarious and it made my day to be by you! I can not believe I found someone that shares my absolute love for spicy mustard. I also want you to know that I am working on my back stroke and hope to have that down before too long.
Bridget and Patricia- thanks for riding with me and coming to my salon. You two are so sweet and it was so fun comparing opinions and stories on the ride home! Also thanks for the goody bags. I feel like a loser b/c I did not think of this!
Elly- *throwing up a metal sign* you totally rock. Thanks for showing up to get your hair did. And, thanks so much for my Crow-Toe sign. I am hanging it in my crop room. I love love love it. You are too cute!
Sandra- also Thanks for showing up for salon hour. It was fun and I must say your hair was fab. You are one of the sweetest people with a good heart that I met all weekend. And, I love ya girl!
Trynity- Holy crap. I am jealous of your past love history. I think you know what I mean and you are totally my new hero!
Chelle- you have the voice of an angel. I loved it!
Shell Gautreaux- My sister from another mother and father. I love you. You are so tiny and so cute! Thanks for the song you wrote for me. Possibly one of the nicest things anyone ever had done. Hope we can crap together soon!
Amber U- You are so nice. Thanks for being all pappazo on us!
Kimmie- I hope you got my PM on SIStv. I think your blog is so inspiring and I had no idea when I met you this weekend how much your blog would inspire me as a creator, mother and Christian. Thanks!
AW- Lover, I am so sorry that you did not answer your phone to come get your hair did! Girl you are great and I love you!
Nikki P- I will mail you all kinds of goodness. YOu are so cute!
Bre- wish you would have come on Fri night to my salon. So sorry that there was not more time. But your hair is totally perm-able.
AmyTan- you are so inspiring. Thanks for teaching us that needless crochet thing. That was very cool ... and I was proud of my skillz. You are too sweet and oh. so. fabulous.
Courtney DeLaura- I was so sad that you did not show up for the Waffle Ugly. I missed you and you are hilarious!
Sonja- you are the cutest preg woman in the history of preg. women. I loved you. And, next year when you are not preg we are crackin ass up. Totally.
TraciRenae- You are so cute. It was so nice to put a name with a face. Thanks for hanging out. And, I can't wait for you to come visit Reen so we can crop!
T1- You are fantastic! So glad your eyebrows were looking good. You are so fun. Thanks!
Jan- your hugs are as good IRL as I expected!! Thanks!
Mandi- You are a riot. I was totally feelin you on your song. I mean, when you are writing a song, sometimes a dog or two gets sacrificed. Loved doing the round robin with you! Your man is a hottie, btw.
TinaLynn- your skin rocks. You are so cute. I have bad skin. Therefore, I can totally appreciate some good skin. And you have it, girl. Loved chatting with ya at Waffle Ugly.
Heather and Angie- I totally challenge you two to a "bake off". I saw him today but could not get up the nerve to ask for a photo! But that is the funniest thing ever. period!
Martha- Totally got your avy mixed up. I think that is why we needed our avys on our name tags. You are so cute. And, thanks for keeping it real. : ) You rock.
I am so positive that I will think of more people tomorrow that I forgot to give a shout out to! So I will post them then.A couple more things:
*I want to see the bewbie/grits photo please!
*I was slightly pissed that I did not get to do my second acapella karoke song. The F! with the mike totally blew me off. But, its' all good. I will sing two next year. Just sucks for everyone there b/c I totally had something awesome planned for the finale. Fight for your right was totally just a warm up song!
*The above is a layout I did for Martha's F! hour! That was funnn.
Last but not least, hello KC! If you are reading this, I *heart* you!


Drama Mama said...

You said "crap" together
love ya and can't wait to spend more time.

Traci said...

so glad i was able to meet you!!!
i never got the "after" photo of your scrap area!!!

kc said...

make it hot, keep it hot.
big ups.

Jennifer said...

im pretty sure that we are soul mates.
you're the best.
can't wait until november.
lets be best friends forever ok???
i love you girl.
the end.
jp. :)

merryheart2 said...

Hi Holly!
your a rock star. wish i could have heard you sing. i missed it, dang!

Chelle said...

Ahhhh! I made your blog! I feel so honored! :)

metrochic said...


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

I am so glad to have met you woman! *hugs*