Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things I think about..

I think. All the time. I have these deep thoughts that I wish I could ask someone "in the know." Because I think about things like this:
If our country is in such a crisis and the dang economy is so bad... and we should be stocking up on food and hoarding cash....
Will the sale of fireworks be down this year on the 4th? doubt it. Thus I say, chill people. It's not the end of the world. I mean, seriously... if we were all about to starve to death, would people really be so worried about buying fireworks? Would we drive the cars that we can't afford with the gas in them that we can't afford to the nearest fireworks stand *or two*?
Just curious...

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Cassie said...

I think that the people who can't afford to buy food are the ones who are suffering the most. I think about them a lot. I donate food and clothing regularly. I see the lines at the food pantry are longer. I notice that my gasoline bills have increased, but I am not trading in my car. I think it is largely socioeconomic.
My two cents.
Stalker out.