Saturday, March 22, 2008


We slept in, went to the park (the one with the pirate ship) and went to take the
sweet old man painting my new salon a sausage biscuit and some coffee.
Last night, I made this cute Hello Kitty book that I decided would be a great
colorinspiration album.
It's crawfish season. You could not even get into the driveways of the seafood
markets this morning. So, tonight it's a crawfish boil and egg hunt.
I am not into crawfish but I will go along for the company. The other two people
I live with love them.
Happy Easter!


Staci said...

love the hello kitty book...I must have one!!

Anonymous said...

Complimenti Holly!!! Questo album รจ davero meraviglioso! Una festa di colori! ^-^

Maureen said...

I am not down with eating the crawdaddies either. go for the fun of it (altough I have been doing more peeling than usual, because tanner loves them)

Shaunna :) said...

you totally rocked that Hello Kitty book chica :D