Thursday, March 20, 2008

Absolutely No Bad Attitudes.

That is what I decided the sign on my door would read, if I had a sign on my door.
Today, over on SIStv
myself and a few other girls decided to revisit one of our favorite
challeng blogs, the EfferDares. I think most people have scrapped the dares in
some form or another, at some point. But, this time, we are going
to do them card size. This was a wild day, filled with haircolor,
picking out cabinets, Arby's, eggs eggs and more eggs. Tomorrow, E is
staying with her Mustang and they have a big birthday party planned
for her imaginary "baby" who is turning 3. I had to go get cupcakes,
Mustang is going to supply the cousins and plates.
Effer Dare Card #1
Effer Dare Card #2


scrapwitch said...


PetiteCheri said...

What's up girl? Nice new blog you've got here! Lovin' your cards.

Kerry said...

hey girl, wondering -- do you scan your layouts or take pics and upload them. I've got to start putting mine online.
Kerry Faler

Jennifer said...

i am sooo glad that you are rockin' out the bloggy one more time!
i love it!
i love the atc's.
and more than anything else...
...i love you...
j to the p. :)