Monday, July 7, 2008

All of yall get off the wall. Have a ball and get involved...

Jennifer did this little survey on her blog.
So I copied it and did it. Because I love her.
Won't you play along?
Photos of my fab trip to New Orleans coming up soon.

drinking: Metro Water. Lemon Mint. Yum.

listening to: Ella. As always talking about how bad Rigan is aggrivating us.

reading: Nothing. I know. I am boring right?

relieved about: The fact that I am finally blogging.

missing: Jen!

not digging:Ella cramming boby pins into my scalp while I am typing.

totally.thankful for: Wow! Where do I start? I will just say everyone and everything about my life right now. period.

planning: Is one thing that makes me anxious.

reliving: My childhood and creative imagination, through E!

daydreaming about: Going to the beach in a couple of weeks.

putting off: Calling Chris. You see, he is in a meeting negotiating some business with his new job and I want to talk to him sooo bad. But he would be so aggrivated if I called and it were not a life or death situation!

finally accomplished: Being financially secure.

scrappin' with: Nothing. Because I can't scrap until I get a little organization in my life.

So, there. Tag you're it!
Comment if you repost this so I can read about you!


Korbyn said...

Fun one!!
I went and posted it on mine!

Sasha said...

Hey .. Ima have to steal that hahaha .. I will do that tomorrow haha give me something for Tuesday haha .. how you been I MISS YOU GIRL ..

..your future son in law says MUCH LOVE ... haha

Kerry said...

Hey Holly -- hope you don't mind -- I linked to your blog from mine. I just love your blog.
Kerry Faler

Jennifer said...

i miss you bestest.
come to dallas soon my lovely.
ill holla at you later!
jp. :)

Debee Campos said...

I'll have to try this sometime
loved learning a little bit more about you!